Congratulations Adventurer

Your quest is at an end for you have reached the home of Peramides1.

This is a personal blog about things I’ve learnt, discovered, thought, or that I just need to write down somewhere because I always forget them. It’s a spiritual successor of my old WordPress blog. I needed something fresh so I built this using Jekyll/Octopress (I almost chose Hakyll but its documentation was scarce and outdated, and I’m not really proficient in Haskell yet) and I’m hosting it with GitHub Pages. By the way, the current theme is a fork of CleanPress I made called CleanerPress; actually I wanted a Professor Doctor Style, but probably most visitors would have considered that something awful.

Having said that… My posts are not peer-reviewed and could be pretty opinionated at times. Also, English is not my first language, so expect syntactic, grammatical, and spelling errors. Finally, there is no comments section (and there will never be). Complaints? Please send me an e-mail to + at

So, I think that’s all. Welcome and enjoy your stay!

  1. Peramides is a partial anagram of Parmenides, which includes the lexeme pera (i.e. pear in Spanish).↩︎